Saturday, December 13, 2014

Things are never just one thing

"Things are never one thing. Life is like the organs of the human body: it all connects, it all serves a purpose... The thing about life is that every aspect of it runs together. Each tangent is like a river but eventually it all pools together into the same body of water. There’s no separating out one thing from another. You can’t compartmentalize no matter how hard you try to. How you feel about yourself is how you will show up in your life. That’s just how it goes. And how one part of your life is faring informs how another part is faring. Job stress leaks into relationship dissatisfaction leaks into snips at friends leaks into frustrated conversations with parents leaks into judgments of others on social media leaks into... You see? It all leaks. It all pools."

-Jamie Varon via Thought Catalog

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