Monday, February 2, 2015

The moral of the story

"There are 1,000,001 reasons why you should give new cities a try. people might never understand it. People might never understand why you pack up all your bags and move 16 hours away for a little while. But God is good. And he is faithful. And when he whispers, you should listen. Because he has these magnificent extravagant plans that are a little too big for your little brain to process.

 And when he calls you away from all the things you've ever loved--people, seasons, bricks and bones-- he promises to hold even more in store. He will give you good people. And sweet laughter.

And he will always always bring you back to the moral of the story: we were not designed and we were not made to try and go this thing alone. Life is hard. Light hits you sometimes. You fall down sometimes. Just let someone meet you, wherever you're at, for coffee, dates, and a chance to hear, 'I am glad you're here. I'm always glad you're here'."

-Hannah Brencher

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