Monday, January 4, 2016

Reaping and Sewing and Harvesting

"The winter solstice is a time to look at seeds you've planted in the previous winter that have come up in the summer.  For this winter solstice, look at those seeds. which ones have you harvested that you want to replant, and which ones do you want to grind up and use as compost?"


"We're going to live in this garden, and the interesting thing about this time of year is it's really dark and a time to go inside of ourselves and be quiet. And we can use this dark time like when you plant seeds in the ground. They're also germinating under there, even though it's dark and nothing seems to be happening on the surface. Think about the seeds, the intentions you want to put into the earth and then reap the benefits of them when the light comes back.

-Ana Forrest as told by Sarah Britton here.

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